Technology Makes Reading Better. Here’s Exactly How. – Te@chThought

“Reading is just the communication of ideas through alphanumeric symbols. I’m not sure what this represents such hallowed ground for teachers, but it does. Personally I’d be more concerned with reading habits, reasons for reading, the quality of reading materials, etc. Symbols change, forms change, media change. See the gif animations that demonstrate how a student feels when “bae won’t respond to them.” This is your audience, and these are the symbols they gravitate towards.


In the apps-for-close-reading post, I said that this “interaction” between reader and text during close reading “doesn’t require technology, but can be changed by it.” So it made sense, I thought, to guess at some ways this happens. Or should be happening, anyway.


With more personalization, more access, and more connectivity, we should be creating a generation of close-readers that can’t get enough. So if we’re not, the question is, why isn’t that happening? The pieces are there.”



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